Celebrity Hairstyles

  • If you occasionally take your style cues from celebrities, then you'll love this round up of short celebrity hairstyles featuring Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna and Halle Barry. Get your cute on!

  • Shailene Woodley Hairstyles

    Shailene Woodley likes to show off incredible new hairstyles, and we like to check ‘em out! We rounded up 10 of our favorite hairstyles ever worn by the Insurgent star. Take a look and decide which ones you like the most!

  • Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

    The star of The Hunger Games series has been captivating us for years now with her mane moves and isn't afraid to switch things up every now and then. With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 coming out, we're looking back at some of Jennifer Lawrence's most epic hair moments. (Tips on how to recreate her looks included!)

  • Need a little star-studded inspiration for your next special occasion? We've just listed our top 5 favorite black hairstyles inspired by your favorite celebrities. Check this post out to make sure you don't miss out on wearing that next award winning hairdo!

  • Easy Celebrity Hairstyles

    Get rid of your inner Hollywood diva and still look awesome with these 15 super chic low-maintenance hairstyles brought to us by our favorite celebrities!

  • Emma Watson short hair

    There are short hairstyles, and then there are short hairstyles. Not everyone – even celebrities – can rock a short haircut, but Emma Watson always manages to come out at top with her stunning short hair. Find out what she’s been doing with her short tresses lately and learn how to rock some of her signature looks!

  • rihanna pixie haircut

    If you’ve ever pined after Rihanna’s chic pixie cut, you’re in luck We just so happen to have a way for you to recreate the exact same look! Come find out how.

  • Rihanna hairstyles

    Rihanna is a woman of many hairstyles. Within the limits of a hair salon, there are very few women bolder than she is. Rihanna is not afraid to garner attention – both positive and negative – with the interesting hair art displayed on the top of her head. She has developed a reputation for wearing her hair in many different eccentric styles, some crazier than the rest. For a list of the most extreme hairstyles worn by Rihanna, look no further than our most recent article!

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