The Pumped Up Ponytail Brought to Us By Julianne Hough

Looking for the perfect ponytail with a twist? Look no further than this pumped up Julianne Hough hair look! “I like this style on Julianne because it is age appropriate for her and gives off a youthful appearance while still dressing her up,” says celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Hasblady Guzman. “The poof also adds height, which her petite frame calls for.”

Don’t stress if you’re not in your mid-20s either; every type of woman can rock this look! “The fringe keeps it soft and wearable for all ages,” explains Guzman. “It can be worn with a gown to a gala or white jeans and heels for a Cessna ride to Catalina.” Guzman breaks down exactly how to copy the look below.

Julianne Hough Hair Ponytail

Products Needed:

Step 1: Before styling, instead of washing your hair, use dry shampoo. Oftentimes, clean hair does not hold as well as dirty hair.

Step 2: Brush your entire head using a round brush, then curl it with a one-inch iron or with a flat iron all the way around. 

Step 3: Spray your entire head with a dry hairspray like Aveda’s Air Control. Using a Mason Pearson brush, brush your hair back and part it down the middle of your crown.

Step 4: Now, pull out the fringe pieces on each side of your face (three fingers back from your hair line), tease and make a little pillow poof. Comb the front of that hair back, making sure it’s three to four inches high, and fasten iy at the back of the poof with two bobby pins.

Step 5: To help create volume, apply Aveda’s Pure Abundance Hair Potion and take the hair at the sides of your face and tease it at the root. Marry it all with the upper section, except for a one-inch section of hair along your hairline left out in the back.

Step 6: Take the hair from the back of your head now and join it with the top section, smoothing as you go. Secure it all together and into a ponytail with an elastic band.

Step 7: Wrap the hair that was left out around the base of your ponytail and fasten it with a bobby pin that matches your hair color. Re-curl the edges of your pony if needed, and do one last one spray over. Spritz tresses with Brilliant Spray-On Shine and voilá! You’re hot, sassy and fresh out the door.

Once you’ve mastered this Julianne Hough hair look, give her glamorous vintage updo a try!