Feeling Bold? Try This Edgy Jessica Alba Updo

Business in the front and party in the back? That’s exactly what Jessica Alba was rocking with this edgy updo seen at the Costume Institute Gala’s “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” event. And, we love it. It’s creative and serious, yet fun and totally unique. After all, did you ever think you’d see a French braid topped with a top knot? We didn’t either.

The best part is you can totally recreate this look at home. We spoke with Becca Smith, owner at Scottsdale Beauty Bar, to show us how to get this look.

Edgy Jessica Alba Updo Tutorial

How to Recreate This Edgy Jessica Alba Updo:

1. For this particular look, the dirtier the hair the better. You need texture! If hair is too clean or too smooth, the style will fall and won’t hold as well. If your hair is already clean and needs some texture, you can easily give it some grit with some Enjoy Volumizing Dry Shampoo. The dry shampoo dirties up the hair, but allows it to still be very manageable.

2. Section your hair on the top and bottom. Anything above your ears pull to the top of your head. Use a clip to hold hair in place.

3. Spray Rusk W8less HairSpray to the bottom half of your hair. This spray allows your hair to be pliable, it holds well, and it smells like amazing perfume! Now that you have sprayed the bottom half of your hair, flip your head over and separate the hair into three sections, then braid a standard three-strand braid. You will want to start the braid as close the the scalp as you can. This will be the same as a regular braid, just upside down. If you can French braid upside down, even better!

4. Once you’ve reached the top of the hair you have separated, grab a Knotties hair tie (which we love because they’re non-damaging to the hair) and band the bottom braided section up to the upper section. This will leave you with a braid in the back and a ponytail on top.

5. Take the remainder of the unbraided hair (your ponytail) and spray the Rusk hairspray throughout. Take a rat tail comb and tease your hair for added texture. Twist the ponytail until it starts to curl and start wrapping the hair around the base near the ponytail holder.

6. Tuck or secure any extra strands with bobby pins to complete the look and finish with spray to hold the hairstyle in place. Try a pomade to smooth any flyways on the top and sides of hair.

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