10 Flawless Hairstyles Worn by Blake Lively

The world would have a collective heart attack if new mom Blake Lively — known most for her portrayal as Serena van der Woodsen on The CW’s now concluded Gossip Girl — chopped off her iconic, flowing blonde hair. Whether she’s sauntering down the red carpet, marching down NYC’s chaotic sidewalks, or rocking an adorable baby bump, the 20-something’s hair always looks effortlessly chic.

“Blake Lively is the epitome of hair health,” notes Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Hair Products. “Her tresses always exude an amazing shine.”

From voluminous ponytails that nods to decades past to perfectly polished curls, Lively’s hair always looks amazing. I sifted through year’s worth of Blake Lively hairstyles and chose the prettiest looks I could find. With the help of Salas, I’ve detailed how to recreate some of the styles and provided styling advice and product recommendations, as well.

Polished Curls and Deep Part

blake lively hair curly

We’re used to seeing Blake’s hair look like it was put together in 20 minutes or less (in a good way). Having said that, this more polished look — worn at the June 2012 “Savages” premiere in Los Angeles — definitely made heads turn. To channel old Hollywood a la Blake, start with clean, dry hair that’s been prepped with a hair serum. Next, “section tresses from top and bottom, making sure to create a strong side part on the top section before styling,” says Salas. Use a 1 1/2 in. curling iron and work your way from the bottom up. “Tuck hair behind one ear and seal the style with a flexible hold, shine enhancing hairspray.”

Messy Ponytail

blake lively hair messy
Here, Blake Lively shows off her megawatt smile while filming Gossip Girl in New York City’s Upper East Side. Her girlish tangerine dress paired with natural makeup and a messy ponytail-meets-bun is perfect for a day of errand running. To create the look, pull your hair back with a fingers and pull only some hair through when securing your pony tail.

Nod to Eras Past

Blake Lively hair
Salas describes this look as a modernized version of 1930s hair since her curls are looser and less structured. To create this style, divide hair into 2 in. sections and curl. You can use a curling iron or try the Velcro Strips from White Sands on wet hair, which allow you to create curls or waves at any size. Once hair cools or dries/remove and comb through with fingers.

Beachy Babe

Blake Lively half hairstyle
This hairstyle, worn by Blake at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, screams “I’m heading to the beach — see you there!” To recreate the look, use a professional grade flat iron (try ghd’s Red Gloss Classic 1″ Styler ) to get stick straight locks. Gather the top half to create a half pony and pair it with chandelier earrings.

Natural State

Blake Lively hairstyle
Here’s Blake Lively’s hair in its most common form: slightly wavy, effortless and ultra glossy. It’s no wonder this is her go-to style. To get a similar look, braid your hair into two to four fat braids and spray a heat protectant on them. Run a flat iron over the braids and then allow them to cool before unbraiding. Run serum-coated fingers through hair and you’re all set. I recommend Ecru New York Silk Nectar Serum for a light coating that produces max shine.

The Blake Lively Fishtail

Blake Lively hair fishtail braid
Countless celebs have donned the flirty fishtail with flawless execution. Blake Lively certainly made the list when she wore this look to the “Savages” premiere in New York City. To get a similar look, gather hair into a high pony tail. Tease your hair before beginning the fishtail braid to create a softer texture and more body. For extra body and that soft/shiny look, use Prive Concept Vert Volumizing Froth.

Reddish-Blonde Waves

Blake Lively red hair
For the 2011 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World Gala, Blake wore her hair in a more strawberry shade of a blonde. The warm, darker color was especially flattering to her complexion. “This color is a striking combination of golden strawberry, apricot, and copper shades,” remarks Salas. “If you have cool skin, a ruby color will work best for you. With warm skin, you also should gravitate towards warmer tones. Blake has a golden complexion with cool blue eyes, so her colorist was right on track mixing cool and warm tones to create this look.”

Silky Sleek Pony

Blake Lively sleek hair
Blake Lively proves that your basic pony doesn’t have to look mundane. To stand out in a crowd of blase ponytails, Lively first straightened her hair to remove any and all kinks. To prevent bumps when gathering hair into a ponytail, use a bristle boar brush to methodically brush hair into ponytail. Follow up with a medium hold hair spray to prevent fly aways. Try Kenra’s Platinum Finishing Spray, which provides maximum control all day long without creating a hard shell.

Mermaid Inspired

Blake Lively mermaid hair
This look has all the makings of a Disney-inspired mermaid princess: Face framing layers, textured locks, a fishtail braid and flower above the ear. “The texture is what really makes this style stand out,” notes Salas. He recommends spritzing hair with a texturizer, such as White Sands Liquid Texture Medium, for a beachy base. If your hair is short, add temporary extensions and loosely gather hair into a tousled ponytail, bringing hair together in a trio of fishtailed braids. “Make sure the braids vary in tightness and rough them up with your fingers for added texture.” Don’t forget the floral accessory.

Ultra High, Retro Pony

Blake Lively high ponytail
If there are two things Blake Lively does especially well (outside of acting), it’s long, flowing locks and the ponytail. Pictured here is Lively — with the undeniably charming Ryan Reynolds — sporting a high, retro-inspired ponytail at WonderCon in 2011. Use a treatment oil before styling hair for maximum shine. Then pull hair into a high ponytail with fingers. “To finish the style, curl the ends of the pony with a 1 inch iron, brushing through for a softly sculpted bend and lightly misting with hairspray for hold,” advises Salas.