The Best Emma Watson Short Hair Looks You’ll Ever See

When young Hermione, aka (Emma Watson), chopped off her hair a few years ago, she instantly oozed sophistication!

It continues today as her pixie has grown out and morphed into an elegant, mid-length layered bob with a slightly graduated back, as seen in her feature as GQ UK Woman of the Year. Learn how to recreate 3 amazing Emma-hairstyles.

Emma Watson short hair

“The ends are shattered just enough to allow the hair to be swept up into an unstructured bun or braided back easily, and looks quite sultry down. Bobs are classic and always in style. They can be adapted to any face shape and they show off color and texture services beautifully.

Layers add freedom and movement, giving the bob a range of versatile styling options,” says Joe Santy, hairstylist and salon owner of Attitudes Hair Studio in Langhorne, PA.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Emma’s short tresses, then take a peep at these tutorials for three more of our favorite Emma Watson short hair looks!

1. Emma’s Sleek and Chic Faux Bob

Emma Watson short faux bob

Jonathan Elkhouri, master stylist and owner of Salon Khouri just outside of Washington, DC in Fairfax, Virginia, loves the faux bob on Emma Watson from the LA premiere of “This is The End”.

“A hot trend on the red carpet right now is the faux bob. I personally love this look on Emma Watson because it’s elegant, sleek, and quite honestly, fun. It’s a great way to create the illusion of having a completely new, shorter style without cutting your hair. You can recreate this style at home, but be sure to allow yourself a practice run first. It’s definitely an achievable look with the right product and technique.”

1. First, start with damp hair and establish your side part. Apply a cocktail of Eufora Smooth’n Balm and Eufora Glaze — taking a nickel-sized amount of each and rubbing in palms, then applying from ends to the roots.

2. Next, blow dry the hair using a round brush, making sure not to over straighten the ends. We want to leave the ends with plenty of body. Once the hair is dry, mist the ends with a thermal spray such as Kevin Murphy Damage Manager.

3. Tuck sides of hair behind the ears and secure with bobby pins. Use four large hot rollers. Taking one large section at a time, roll the hair under towards the base of the scalp. This is the most important step in creating this look and you may need to practice this step more than once.

4. Once the hair is cool, very slowly unwind each hot roller, making sure not to tug the ends as your remove the rollers. This will help maintain the curl at the end of the hair. Mist the ends with a light hairspray such as Eufora Elevate.

5. Take a large section of hair, loosely wrap it around your fingers and roll it towards the base of the neck. Then, using a long bobby pin, affix the hair to the base of the scalp. Repeat with remaining sections, keeping each curl loose and at the same length as the previous section. Once done, spray all over with Eufora Elevate Spray.

2. Emma Watson: The Braided Beauty

Emma Watson short braided updo

“Emma has a very strong natural part slightly to one side. Part of a successful hairdo is listening to your hair’s natural direction –if you work against your hair, your hairdo will become a don’t,” says celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Andrea Claire. 

1. Using a volumizing product and a leave-in conditioner, blow out your hair using a medium-sized round brush, over-directing the roots to create a little lift. When blow drying the mid-lengths to ends, flip the hair back to the side that it will fall to. Aim the nozzle down the hair shaft to help the cuticle lay flat with minimal flyaways.

2. When creating this French-braided updo like Emma’s shorter hair at The Bling Ring premiere, start braiding three inches from the roots so you don’t see the braid in the front, holding the hair sections out away from the scalp. Braiding against the scalp will make the style look tighter and sleek.

3. On the part side, start the braid halfway between the ear and the part, French-braiding if possible, following the shape of your head.

4. On the opposite side, start the braid from the top and slightly back. This will add a little height and the structure that appears at the front of Emma’s look.

TIP: If French braiding is beyond your capability, create a bunch of random braids and weave them in and out of each other before pinning them in place.

3. Emma’s Infamous Pixie Cut

Emma Watson's pixie haircut

Pasquale Caselle, International Creative Director for IT&LY HAIRFASHION, is in love with the sexy and super feminine pixie cut. Here’s how to get the look a la Emma Watson!

1. Wash hair with a lightweight volumizing shampoo and conditioner so that hair isn’t too heavy.

2. Towel dry your hair by patting it with the towel. Do not rub it as this can cause hair to be frizzy! Apply a quarter-sized amount of volumizing cream like Purity Design Pure Fluid Experience to hair. This makes hair shiny and creates volume without weighing the hair down.

3. Start by blow drying your hair upside down to take all the wetness out, then flip your head up and part the hair to the side. Blow dry the hair in small sections using a small to medium barrel round brush, depending on the length of your hair and the amount of bend and curl you want in the hair. Blow dry each section up and under to create sleek volume. Start at the back of the head and move your way forward.

4. Apply some shine serum to the ends. I like to use Purity Design Pure Water Drops as it doesn’t weigh down the hair. Tease hair slightly at the crown and smooth hair back behind the ear if desired. You can even use some bobby pins to secure the hair behind the ear and have some hair flow over the area to hide the bobby pins to give this longer pixie an ‘updo’ feel.

5. Finish with a soft to medium hold hairspray.

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