How to Snag Blake Lively’s Vintage Waves

We LOVE Blake Lively. This hair goddess always looks so fresh and modern. It helps that she has beautiful blonde hair, but also because she always picks styles that compliment her features. Blake found a way to wear a very iconic/retro hairstyle and truly make it her own. It looks chic, cool and red carpet ready. Not to mention extremely modern! It’s easy to see why many women use her for their own hair inspirations.

Want to steal her infamously fabulous waves? We chatted with Alberto VO5 Hair Expert Chris Lospalluto and he showed us how!

Blake Lively hair

Prep hair with VO5 Full Body + Shine Shampoo and Conditioner to give hair lots of body. Then use VO5’s Hot Oil Treatment to give hair maximum health and shine.

1. When hair is wet wet, apply a volumizing mousse (Chris likes VO5’s Salon Series Perfect Hold Styling Mousse) to give hair some strength for the wave set.

2. Pre-dry hair without a brush to get some of the water out, then create a deep side part.

3. Begin sectioning the hair on one side of the part into three horizontal sections.

4. Take each section one by one and roll it up with a velcro roller or pin curl clip.

5. Proceed to the other side of the part and repeat steps three and four.

6. For the back, take two large rollers and wrap only the ends around the rollers. Turn your blow dryer on high and dry your hair.

7. Remove rollers or clips. Gently spray a paddle or Mason Pearson brush with VO5’s Salon Series Perfect Hold Hairspray to eliminate static and allow waves to fall into place. Brush through hair, softening up the curls into big, soft waves.

8. Lastly, take a bobby pin and pin the side with less hair back behind your ear. Spray all over with hairspray for shine and a long lasting hold all night.

Now rock that Blake Lively hair with a style all your own!