Blake Lively Hairstyles

How can you NOT love Blake Lively? This bombshell star has quickly become a serious hair icon and there’s no question as to why. Blake can do no wrong when it comes to hair. From vintage waves to messy ponytails, this chick’s red carpet-worthy looks are a notch above the rest. Check out some of our favorite Blake Lively hairstyles and learn how to recreate them yourself!

  • If you’re jonesing for a new braided hairstyle to try, you came to the right place. Allow us to introduce to you Blake Lively’s newest braided hairdo: the high fishtail side braid. Come check it out and find out how to steal the look!

  • blake lively mermaid waves

    Who rocked it best, Ariel the little mermaid, Blake Lively, or you? Mermaid waves seem to be the latest trend among celebrities on the red carpet. They’re simple, elegant, and bound to look great on any woman. Take a look at Blake Lively’s mermaid waves and learn how to recreate the look!

  • blake lively curly hair

    Some curls seem to be made only for the red carpet. Blake Lively’s head full of gorgeous, sexy, and playful bouncy curls is certainly one of them. If she can pull off such a stunning hairstyle, you can, too! Here’s how you can recreate those curls to look like you just stepped out of a magazine!

  • blake lively curly hair

    Have you noticed the wave of sexy curly hairstyles that come around this time of the year? Well, we wanted to show you one of our favorites: Blake Lively’s beautiful and super sexy voluminous curls! Come find out how to steal the look!

  • blake lively sleek hair

    Sleek hair is very big among celebrities. We’re sure you’ve seen Blake Lively’s sleek hair and wondered how she ever managed to make her hair look so perfect. Well, you can find out now!

  • blake lively hair tutorials

    Blake Lively is probably one of the very few celebrities who can actually pull off a sleek ponytail like nobody’s business. That’s why we went to her for inspiration while putting together a tutorial on creating a sleek ponytail. You can find it right here.

  • Gone are the days of elaborate updos that require at least 8 bottles of styling products and a team of hair stylists. More and more celebrities are seen rocking casual hairstyles at parties and public events. Just take a look at Blake Lively’s everyday waves, which she wears almost everywhere. If you want gorgeous casual waves just like hers, take a look at our tutorial right here!

  • If you’re into all the wavy hairstyles celebrities seem to be rocking everywhere nowadays, you just have to check out Blake Lively’s stunning beachy waves. If you want to steal the look, you can snag a tutorial right here!

  • Who wore it best: Blake Lively, Veronica Lake, or you? Blake Lively snagged the iconic Veronica Lake waves at one of her movie premieres, and we figured that if she could pull it off, we can, too!