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Alexandra Burke Shines In Celebrity Hair Spotlight

Our favorite celebrities (or at least most of them) seem to always look 100% when the camera catches them, hair especially.  Every once in a while, a gorgeous head of celebrity hair will really stand out to us showing the perfect balance of health, style and trendiness.  These are definitely all words we would use to describe the way one Alexandra Burke looked yesterday at the TalkTalk Bright Stage launch in London.
You may recognize her as the 2008 winner of the British television series The X Factor or as the winner of Cosomopolitan’s Ultimate UK Music Star Award in 2010.  Whether you know who she is or not, you can’t argue the fact that her hair looks amazing!

After a bit of research, we found that Burke is of Jamaican, African, Irish and Dougla descent.  This fabulous mix of ethnicities can prove to be quite a hair care and styling challenge, but you would never know it by the looks of Alexandra.  Her hair is voluminously shiny creating a gorgeously natural style of soft waves.  The perfectly imperfect side swept bangs are the “icing on the cake” to Burke’s lovely hairstyle.

Cheers to Alexandra Burke for showing us that healthy and natural hair is GORGEOUS hair!

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