Braided Hairstyles

  • The Coolest Summer Braids - Taylor Swift Braided Hairstyle

    Keep cool -- literally and figuratively -- this summer with these gorgeous braids!

  • microbraids

    Even though micro braids are tiny, they add a whole lot of zest to your look. The micro braided look has been around for centuries, but we can’t stop finding new ways to rock those teeny braids! Our latest hot micro braided look is the side-swept bun. Come see how to do it and why we’ve fallen in love with the look!

  • The Braid Wrapped Updo Tutorial

    There are braids, and then there are jaw-droppingly awesome braids. This one definitely falls in the latter category. This handy tutorial will teach you how to do create an awesome braided updo all by yourself!

  • Today we're dishing on a quirky braid that looks complex, but is super easy to pull off: the upside down French braid. Just how easy is this style to create? Take a look...

  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    By now, most of you have probably figured out how to create your standard fishtail braid. The process is actually quite simple, though repetitive, and anyone with two hands and medium length or longer hair can pull it off! We've grown a bit bored with our basic fishtail braid and have vowed to get a little creative. Check out these pretty new ways to style your fishtail plait and get inspired!

  • braided headband

    Give the braid trend a try with this simple yet elegant look.

  • Accent Braid Tutorial

    This accent braid adds – you guessed it – a whole lot of accent to your hair. Learn how to create it with our tutorial here!

  • braided hairstyles

    While we're huge advocates of the standard, three-strand braid, we must say that we're thoroughly impressed with all the innovative braids that hair bloggers come up with. So much so that we find ourselves trying them out and attempting to master them! We've deemed these five braids as especially extraordinary, so wear them and relish in admiring looks and positive attention.

  • Low Braided Bun Tutorial

    Braids and buns are a somewhat tricky combination, but with this tutorial, you'll be able to pull it off seamlessly!