How to Rock Hairstyles Like a Cover Model!

The true key to making any hairstyle work is not about what you do to keep it up, but it instead starts from within. Pulling off any hairstyle, whether it’s classic and understated or edgy and chic, all begins with your attitude.

If you’ve recently tried out a new style that is a departure from your normal hairstyle, it may take a little getting used to. However, if you follow my tips you’ll rock hairstyles like a cover model in no time. So ladies, take the hair plunge and show the world that you can pull off any style!

Be Confident

Long Straight Rock Hairstyles

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As you well know by now, confidence is one of the most essential qualities that one can possess and it really comes in handy when it comes to your appearance, specifically in this case. your hairstyle. Even if you’re not totally in love with your new style or cut, try being as confident about it as possible and you’ll likely change your mind about how you feel. Similarly, if you absolutely love your hairstyle, having confidence will make you look and feel even better.

Be Fearless

Kerry Washington Bangs

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It’s easy for people to be resistant and hesitant to change, this is especially the case when it comes to trying out a new hairstyle for the first time. While there is no set of rules to follow to make something new more appealing, jumping in with both feet and being completely fearless is always a good start. Confronting your initial fear of your new ‘do and then embracing the actual change are the first steps to rocking it with no apologies.

Contrast Hairstyles to Your Clothing

Rihanna Blong Pompadour Rock Hairstyle

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Get creative with your new hairstyle and incorporate your clothing into the mix. It’s easy to rock an understated hairstyle with an equally muted outfit, but try it differently and opt for contrast. An edgy short haircut paired with a sophisticated pantsuit or dress is a great example of contrast, as is a chic chignon worn with a motorcycle jacket, ripped jeans and a t-shirt.

Have Fun With It

Selita Banks Short Cut

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Have fun and be carefree with your hairstyle, embrace all of the things that you like most about it. Also, don’t worry about others opinion of your hair because they aren’t rocking it…you are! Some of the most eye-catching hairstyles probably took a little getting used to in the beginning, so just try to remain positive.

Get Creative

Asymmetrical Rock Blond Hairstyle

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This is the fun part! Bring your creativity along in your quest to rock your hairstyle with flair. Don’t be afraid to mess it up, wear it a slightly different way, incorporate various hair accessories and simply throw caution out the window and do something with your style that you always wanted to do.

Embrace Your Personality

Gabrielle Union Side Braid

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Those who naturally have an outgoing, free-spirited personality will likely have a much easier time rocking their hairstyle with flair. However, even individuals who may be more on the shy or reserved side can still find a way to make their personality and their hairstyle coexist successfully.

Additionally, why not try a hairstyle that’s the opposite of your personality for a total makeover?

Now that you’ve learned the secrets to rocking hairstyles like a cover model, make that appointment with your stylist then turn it all the way up!