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How To Get Perfect Nicki Minaj Hair

Nicki Minaj was most known for her crazy wigs, over the top makeup and extremely exaggerated fashion sense. Nicki said previously in an interview, “On my third album I’ll wear my natural hair.”

Lately, she has been embracing a more natural, subtle look and I think we all can agree that she is looking better than ever! Nicki keeps it fairly simple with her new look, a natural black or platinum blonde color with lots of shine and body. She looks very polished.

1. Natural Beauty

The layers in the style is what brings it to life. The layers are soft and perfectly shaped to fit her face. The curls are loose, but bouncy and full of luster.

Natural Beauty Nicki Minaj Hair

Photo courtesy of Glamour.com

How To Style:

  1. Start by sectioning off your hair into 4 sections.
  2. Take a curling iron, either a Babyliss 1 1/2” or the Hot Tools 1 1/2”, and begin to curl. As long as you twirl the iron fully around the hair strand, you’ll get the perfect big barrel curl.
  3. Run fingers through the curl to achieve a “not so perfect” look.

Recommended Hair Products:

To reduce weight and enhance shine, use Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. It’s lightweight and will add a nice shine and scent. Kenra Light Hold Hair Spray is my go to as the perfect finishing product. This particular hair spray leaves your hair feeling secure in it’s style but not fried.

Best Face Shape:

This style suits most face shapes. I would say if you have a round face shape definitely be free with the part and opt for a not so centered look, but more of a deeper swoop.


This is a style you can have fun with. Try adding some clip-in extensions for some peek-a-boo color. You can even curl the whole head with no part and naturally throw your hair around allowing it to fall where it may.

2. Glam Goddess

This look is so glam! From the hair, to the make up, down to the gown. Granted, this looks more like a lace front wig than her natural hair but you can style achieve this look at home as well.

Glam Goddess Nicki Minaj Hair

Photo courtesy of Eonline.com

How To Style:

  1. On freshly washed hair, section off the hair in 4 sections.
  2. Take small parts and begin to wind hair around  a 1/2”to 1” curling wand.
  3. Tease the hair once after it’s been curled for a thicker, more full look.

Recommended Hair Products:

You’ll definitely want to use a hair spray that promotes volume. My favorite is by Sebastian. It pumps up the volume and leaves the hair big and free flowing. Add some shine to it by using Moroccan Treatment Styling Oil as a finishing product.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Round, diamond, heart, and oval face shapes all suit this style well. Hair that is easily straightened is the most suitable hair type for this hairstyle.

3. Blonde Ambition

Nicki Minaj is wearing those beachy waves well. This style is so pretty, so girly, so flirty and I love it! Luckily, this is a very simple look to achieve.

Blonde Ambition Nicki Minaj Hair

Photo courtesy of Myhairmybeauty.com

How to Style:

  1. On freshly washed hair, section hair in 2 sections with the first parting down the center.
  2. Using your favorite wand, begin curling small sections with a 1 1/4″ iron. The bigger the wand the wavier the curls come out.
  3. Use a paddle brush to comb out the waves for a messier, bed hair style.

Recommended Hair Products:

First apply Moroccan Treatment Styling Oil onto hair as the base. Use Sebastian Finishing Hair Spray will hold the curls while allowing them to move somewhat freely as well.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Heart, diamond, and round shaped faces are best for this exact style. This style would be amazing on long, oval and square shaped faces but with a deep side part instead of the middle. Straight hair is the best type for this style.


Luckily with a style like this, the maintenance is easy. Just put 2 twists off the scalp, tie your scarf around the perimeter and silk bonnet around the rest. Simplicity is so sweet!

Now you know how simple replicating Nicki Minaj hair can be. Go ahead and get your fabulous new look on!