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11 Gorgeous Must-Wear African American Hairstyles

Looking for some natural, short or long African American hairstyles for this  summer? Check out these great must-wear styles and tips on how to create them.

  • 11. Short and Sassy

    This short and sassy cut can easily take you from your daytime look into your night time look.

    Short Sassy African American Hairstyle

    Style by AUDRELLE MORRIS, Star Cuts, Fort Bragg, NC

    How to Style:

    1. Shampoo and condition hair.
    2. Mold down and wrap hair then sit under dryer.
    3. Apply a pomade to dried hair.
    4. Using a 1/2 inch curling iron create textured curls.
    5. Comb out and style.

    Recommended Products:

    A pomade, holding spray, and shine spray.

    Best Face Shape: 

    This style best suits a round face shape.


    Tying the hair down with a silk scarf will prevent hair from drying out and keep hair in place.

  • 10. Short Mohawk

    This style features a unique take on a sassy short mohawk.

    Sassy Short Mohawk African American Hairstyle

    Style by KENYA NICHOLS, High Praise Hair Boutique, North Augusta, SC

    How to Style:

    1. Shampoo and condition hair.
    2. Mold hair with wrapping lotion.
    3. Put under dryer then proceed to apply pomade to entire head.
    4. Starting from top of hair, create curl pattern into your mohawk shape.
    5. Continue until you have achieved the style you desire.
    6. Spray with shine and a little holding spray to maintain.

    Recommended Products:

    I recommend holding spray, Dudley’s Wax, Smooth As Silk Shine, and the Sebastian Silk on Satin Scarf.

  • 9. Sexy Wrap

    This style features a light weight, wind blown and free flowing flat wrap.

    Flat Wrap Hairstyle

    Style by Glam Couture, Glamorous EFX Conture Hair Designs, St. Petersburg, FL

    How to Style:

    1. Shampoo and condition
    2. Blow dry hair.
    3. Using a flat iron, straighten hair then part and style to achieved desire look.
    4. Curl the ends under with a curling wand.

    Recommended Products:

    Try Smooth As Silk Shine to gloss hair and a silk or satin scarf to keep hair from losing moisture at night.

  • 8. Lovely Layered Bob

    This sexy layered bob is fun with contrasting colors. Having two different tones creates a very interesting hairstyle.

    Layered Bob with Highlights

    Style by Tammy R. Herod, Tammy’s Hair Gallery, Oxford, MA

    How to Style:

    1. Shampoo and condition.
    2. Blow dry hair.
    3. Using a 1 inch curling iron, curl hair.
    4. To create the feather effect use a styling comb to comb out the hair.

    Recommended Products:

    I recommend Sebastian holding spray and Smooth As Silk Shine.

    Recommended Face Shape:

    Round or oval face shapes best suit this style.


    Wrap hair in a satin scarf at night to preserve your style

  • 7. Honey Comb Bob

    This fun and fabulous, two toned textured bob creates some dynamic elements to this style.

    Two Toned Textured Bob

    Style by Alvienia Middleton, B-Hive Salon, Richland, WA

    How to Style:

    1. Start on shampooed and conditioner, blow dried hair.
    2. Create a part and take a section and flat iron hair until whole head has been straightened.
    3. Spray with a mist hair spray and shine.

    Recommended Products:

    Use Design Essentials Holding Spray and Smooth and Shine Serum


    Wrap hair at night with a satin scarf.

  • 6. Sun-kissed Brown Delight

    This ombre style can easily go from day to night.

    Straight Brown Ombre African American Hairstyle

    Style by DENISE GRANBERRY, L3 Salon, Spring Lake, NC

    How to Style:

    1. Shampoo and condition hair.
    2. Blow dry then using a quality flat iron straighten hair.
    3. Finish by curling ends of bang to create your desired look

    Recommended Products:

    Sebastian shaper. smooth as silk shine


    Keep hair wrapped at night with satin scarf to maintain the moisture in the hair.

  • 5. Layered Wavy with side part

    This flirty style features a layer dimension for a voluminous look.

    Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle with Side Part

    Style by SHAE THOMPSON, A Heavenly Place In Hair , Walton Beach, FL

    How to Style:

    1. Cornrow your hair while leaving a u-shape part out at the crown and front of your head to form your foundation for a sew in weave.
    2. Apply a protective net to cornrows.
    3. Sew your weave onto the cornrows.
    4. Proceed to layering the hair with ½ inch curling wand and curl hair around entire head.
    5. Take the u-part portion that was left out and blend the top in with the hair.

    Best Face Shape:

    This style best suits oval or round face shapes.

    Recommended Products:

    Try Design Essentials Holding Spray and Smooth As Silk Shine for a good hold and healthy gloss.


    A silk or satin scarf will help keep moisture in your hair and preserve the shine.

  • 4. Textured Fullness

    A volume of textured waves is what makes this a fun summer do!

    Medium Wavy African American Hairstyle with Volume

    Style by CELEASE WILLIAMS, Stylease Studio, Panama City, FL

    How to Style:

    1. On clean hair, proceed braid cornrows into a circular pattern.
    2. Sew the weave tracks on to the cornrows and complete the entire head
    3. Take your razor to cut and shape into your desired look.

    Recommended Products:

    I recommend Smooth As Silk Shine

    Best Face Shape:

    Oval and round faces are most suitable for this style.


    To preserve the wavy texture, plait your hair before you go to sleep.

  • 3. Sound Storm Mohawk

    This style features a firm and sexy natural look with a flare that keeps this look current and chic.

    Natural Short Hairstyle with Braids

    Style by RASHEEDA BERRY, Godly Image Hair Studio Inc., Ft. Walton Beach, FL

    How to Style:

    1. Braid each side of hair going into the mohawk
    2. Secure the ends of the braids and straw set the middle of hair.
    3. Finger comb to achieve desire look.

    Recommended Products:

    Use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Oil.

    Best Face Shape:

    This style work on any face shape.


    Keep your hair moisturized as much as possible to prevent dry scalp.

  • 2. Golden Goddess

    This gorgeous mane of curly locs can satisfy anyones thirst for breathtaking style.

    African American Hairstyle with Curls

    Style by TAMMY SHIPMAN, Generation Only Design, DeFuniale, FL

    How to Style:

    1. Using flexi-rods take sections of the locs and wrap around them. Secure with hair pins.
    2. Remove flexi-rods and style in updo as desired.

    Recommended Products:

    I recommend ORS Hair Oil.

    Best Face Shape:

    Round oval or Square!


    Wrap up the looks at night with a satin bonnet.

  • 1. Curly Pin up

    This hairstyle is a simple, natural and easy to manage.

    Natural Curly Half Up African American Hairstyle

    Style by Kristyn Oday, Savvy Salon, Cornelius, NC

    Ho to Style:

    1. Shampoo and condition the hair to bring out the natural curl.
    2. Allow the hair to dry until slightly damp.
    3. Proceed to style by giving height in the top and pulling the sides up.

    Recommended Products:

    Use Smooth Shine Serum for a glossy finish.

    Best Face Shape:

    This style is suitable for pear and oval face shapes.


    Keep the hair in a satin or silk scarf to maintain your shine.

    These African American hairstyles will look great this summer and you will for sure stand out from the rest!