Hair Chalking Natural Hair: 5 Incredible Ideas

Experimenting with your hair is always a great way to express yourself and add a little welcomed spice to your look. Trying out different hair color is one of the easiest and most popular ways to give your hair a pick-me-up.

Sure, using traditional hair color, colored extensions and even colored hairspray are all ideal choices for changing your hair hue, however there is a far less traditional way that can also provide a color fix without much commitment and it’s through hair chalking!

#1 Colored Hair Chalk

hair chaulking

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Hair chalk is exactly what its name states, a colored chalk for your hair that can be used to temporarily color your locks. There are a myriad of hair chalk types on the market with a variety of bright and fun colors. For those of you with dark hair though, you are better off utilizing the brighter colors to ensure that they pop against your brunette tresses.

#2: Hair Chalk Parties

hair chalking natural hair

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The application process is so seamless and easy, that many women have been having “hair chalk parties,” where they all get together to color each other’s hair using the product, as well as try out various colors.

#3: Hair Chalk Pens

chalking natural hair

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#4: Hair Chalk Is For All Hair

hair chalk in natural hair

While not often advertised as catering to African American women’s hair, hair chalk can indeed be used on black women’s hair with impressive results. Since it is just chalk and not meant for periods of long-term wear, the product is generally harmless to your hair and can be washed out with relative ease.

#5: Hair Chalk Options

hair chalk

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A few style options for hair chalking run the gamut from a little to a lot of color. You could opt to color a few strands in the front, give your hair dramatic all-over highlights, match your hair chalk hue to your clothing or go really bold and incorporate several colors at once all over your head, the possibilities are endless, which is part of the fun.