5 Famous Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Celebrities are known for setting fashion, beauty and hairstyle trends that not only their fans follow faithfully, but often the rest of the world as well. One of the most popular ways celebrities try differentiate themselves from others is by creating their own signature hairstyle.

Whether they rock this hairstyle for only a short time or it becomes a regular part of their look, a signature hairstyle can easily make them an even bigger star or catapult them to a new level of notoriety within the fashion and beauty world.

Check out this list of some of the most famous hairstyles worn by some of your favorite African American celebrities.

1. Janelle Monae (Natural Pompadour)

Janelle Monae Natural Pompadour Famous Hairstyle

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R&B Soul songstress Janelle Monae has made a name for herself over the last few years with more than just her music, as her eclectic fashion sense and funky hairstyles have caused her fans to go into a frenzy in an attempt to duplicate her look. Perhaps her most famous hairstyle is her natural pompadour that is expertly coiffed and always the topic of conversation.

2. Rihanna (Hairstyle Chameleon)

Rihanna Famous Hairstyle ChameleonRihanna Famous Hairstyle Chameleon 2

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If there’s one celebrity within the last few years that has managed to reinvent herself repeatedly to critical and fans acclaim, it is pop star Rihanna. Basically, if you can think of a hairstyle, she has had it and somehow has always managed to pull them off. Whether short, long, blonde, brunette or red head, Rihanna rocks them all with her signature daring style.

3. Halle Berry (Short Pixie)

Halle Berry Short Pixie Hairstyle

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Her signature short haircut has caused women around the world to request it at their local salon. The best thing about Halle Berry’s short hairstyle is that it has evolved with modern times, while still maintaining the classic shape that ushered in the super short hair wave for black women in the 1990s.

4. Mary J. Blige (Blonde Bombshell)

Mary J. Blige Blonde BombshellMary J. Blige Blonde Bombshell 2

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She wasn’t the first black celebrity to rock blonde hair and she definitely won’t be the last, but R&B superstar Mary J. Blige certainly made the style ridiculously popular beginning in the 1990s and all the way until now. She wears her blonde locks long and flowing, short and edgy and in a flirty mid-length bob and she always looks flawless.

5. Solange (Curly ‘Fro)

Solange Famous Curly Fro

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Solange has become quite the fashion, beauty and hair innovator over the last few years and it is largely due to xt her edgy curly afro that has fans and admirers alike trying to copy the look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can opt to wear with your natural hair or achieve by relying on the assistance of wigs and weaves.

Let these famous hairstyles inspire your next ‘do!