The Top 3 Hairstyles Spotted At The 2014 BET Awards

The 2014 BET Awards show was a success and was possibly one of their best shows! Not only were the performances unforgettable, but the star studded guest list brought their A-game with some of the best hairstyles.  See below for some of our favorite looks!

1. Keke Palmer Combed Back ‘Do

This 20 year old actor known for her leading role in Akilah and the Bee not only wore an amazing, “grown and sexy” dress, but  paired it with an unforgettable,  simple combed back hairstyle.  She wore bold, she wore confidence and she totally rocked this looked.

Keke Palmer BET Awards

How To:

  1. On freshly blown out hair use a flat iron  to create a bone straight look. Use a rattail comb while flat ironing your hair to get the straightest look possible.
  2. Use holding spray to slick down your edges. I wouldn’t use edge control or any type of gel because you don’t want a oily, greasy or stiff look.


I recommend the Babybliss flat iron and Paul Mitchell’s light holding spray. You don’t want to use too much heat because we know how that can fry and leave us dry. Use heat protectant before you flat iron.

2. Jennifer Hudson’s Fabulous Mushroom Cut

I am loving Jennifer Hudsons appearance these days. If you notice, once she lost all that weight she began to wear short haircuts. We all know short hair is not for everyone but J Hud rocks it! Her stylist Caesar creates some of the most mature but still retro looks for her. At the BET awards she wore what I like to call, a “mushroom” or “bowl” haircut. The sideburns are very feminine.  The curls are very soft and the layers are very defined. Hot!

Jennifer Hudson at BET Awards

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How to:

  1. Totally stick with a professional to get the initial cut. You want to get the layers done right.
  2. On wet hair, mold down your hair like a mushroom with your favorite styling mousse. Use heat (preferably a hooded dryer) to get your hair very dry so that the shape of the style will last.
  3. Lastly, use a small flat iron (my favorite is by Babyliss) to create the soft curls. You’re more so bumping the hair not taking the iron for a full swirl.


This style is meant to be worn very freely. You don’t need the most perfect curls just a great cut. Holding spray and a light oil (preferably Moroccan oil) and your go to hot iron and you’re good to go.

3. Draya Michele’s Sexy High Ponytail

This is a new look for Draya. She is typically an advocate of the soft, natural falling curls or a slick, low  ponytail. I guess when she decided to wear this super sexy leather Michael Costello dress she knew she needed to raise the hair bar. Draya Michele wore a slick high 28’ long ponytail at the BET awards show. One word- stunning!

Draya at BET Awards

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How to:

  1. Luckily the style is so simple to do! Just brush and mold your hair into a ponytail. Make sure it’s very tight and all edges from every corner are laid.
  2. You can either attach a 28’ ponytail to your bun or wrap around hair extensions and secure with hair pins. It’s old fashioned, but its simple and gets the job done.


For this style you don’t want to have  a hard and crispy  look. Light holding spray and some mousse to mold the hair down is all you really need. If you mold the hair down properly, you’ll be able to get away without the use of gel or edge control.

You can always count on celebrities to bring great, cutting edge looks to mainstream. I hope you can rock one of these  BET Awards styles at your next big event!