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878 Different Black Hairstyles, Haircuts, Colors and Tips

A Black woman’s hair is her crowning glory. She can style it sleek and straight or soft and curly; no matter what her hair will keep heads turning. So what’s your style preference? Check out these 878 beautiful black hairstyles and wear the crown on your head with pride and beauty.

  • beautiful-box-braids

    Box Braids – Trends, Styles, Advice & More!

  • How To Style And Blend Your Hair Extensions

    Styling and blending extensions couldn't be easier to do with this method! Check it out!
  • Vintage Hairstyle with Finger Weaves Side

    20 Black Weave Styles You Can Recreate

    Check out our favorite 20 weave hairstyles you can recreate in minutes!
  • Hair Chalking Natural Hair: 5 Incredible Ideas

    In the mood to add some flair to your 'do? Have a fall event coming up? You need some hair chalk color! We've got some of the hottest hair chalk ideas for natural hair to make a statment this fall and winter season!
  • Two-Strand-Twist-Black-Girl-Hairstyle

    20 Black Girl Hairstyles Your Kid Will Love

    If you're little lady is due for another look, give these styles a try! These black girl hairstyles are quick and easy and cute, to boot!
  • 10 Black Hair Products You Definitely Need This Fall

    Kick off fall with perfect hair! With these hair products, you won’t have to worry about a single bad hair day this season.
  • 20 Fall Shoulder-Length Hairstyles For Black Women

    You won't be able to get enough of these shoulder length hair styles fit for the fall season and beyond!
  • 20 Smokin’ Red Hairstyles for African American Hair

    Red hair is anything but boring, so a simple ol’ ponytail won’t cut it. You need to live up to your hair color’s sultry and exciting reputation with an interesting hairstyle!
  • 13 Dope Hairstyles For Faster Hair Growth

    Looking to grow your hair out, without compromising your hairstyle choices? Check out these fabulous 'dos that will keep you looking hot while working towards your length goals!
  • Hair Highlight Ideas for Women of Color

    “It” just got real: the ideas we rounded up are incredibly seductive, creative, and memorable. Do you dare to bring your hair to the next level with one of these cutting-edge ideas?
  • 20 Evening Hairstyles For Black Women

    Check out our round up of some of the hottest night out hairstyles this evening. Evening hairstyles have never looked so good!
  • 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

    It’s time to roll out the red carpet, because those celebrity wedding hairstyles will definitely inspire your inner celebrity!
  • 20 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Black Hair

    TL;DR: Every bride will want one of these totally sick hairstyles, stat.
  • 15 Blond Hair Color Inspirations For Black Women

    Need to get out of your hair color rut? Here;s some inspiration to spice up your life with a new blond hair color!
  • 6 Ways to Rock Those Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are not exclusive to the Rastafarian Bob Marley types! Plenty of highly fashionable ladies rock locks these days so why can't you? There has to be something that’s perfect for you in this gallery of amazing dreadlock hairstyles!
  • 6 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

    Looking to rock a classic vintage look on your wedding day? Let’s get inspired by these # tasteful hairstyles you could’ve easily found back in the ol’ days!
  • 20 Angled Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

    Grab your scissors! Actually…. don’t do that. Grab your phone instead and call up your stylist, because this angled bob is something you must check out if you’re into cute bobs!
  • 20 Easy Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls

    Allow us to come to the rescue! We completely understand how stressful prom is, so we rounded up # gorgeous hairstyles that are super easy to create at home. You’re welcome!
  • 6 Short Celebrity Hairstyles For Black Women

    Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, and some more of our absolute favorite celebrities can rock short hair like there’s no tomorrow, and so can you! If you’re jonesing for a short hairstyle, let’s draw some inspiration from those gorgeous gals!
  • The Perfect Wedding Updo: The French Braided Crown

    Get ready to swoon because we have the perfect wedding updo for you: the French braided crown!
  • 20 Black Women’s Hot Hairstyles for Square Faces

    You have to see this round up of 20 incredible hairstyles that will look amazing on our square-faced pals.
  • 20 Easy Cute Hairstyles For Black Women

    Running late? We've got you covered! Enjoy these 20 inspiring easy, cute hairstyles that'll get you out the door in no time!
  • 6 High Fashion Hairstyles For Black Women

    If you’re wondering what’s been going on in the runway world, you’re in luck. These high fashion hairstyles are all the rage right now!
  • 7 Deep Conditioner Choices For Black Hair

    If dry, brittle hair is the bane of your existence, then you definitely need this. We have some of the best deep conditioners to recommend to our brittle-haired sisters everywhere!
  • 15 Fancy Hairstyles For Women of Color

    In the mood to jazz up your look? Have a special occasion coming up? You need a fancy hairstyle! We got some of the fanciest hairstyles to take this year by storm.
  • 15 Long Hair Extension Ideas For Black Women

    Find out how to rock long hair extensions like a cover girl and draw some inspiration from 15 new ideas!
  • 19 Black Hairstyles for Oval Faces

    Your face shape has a lot to do with which hairstyles flatter your appearance the most. If you have an oval face, the last thing you want is a hairstyle that works against your features. This gallery of amazing examples will help you come up with a beautiful hairstyle that dazzles your features!
  • 15 Short Weaves That Are Totally In Right Now

    If you’re like today’s celebrities who change their hairstyles as often as Lady Gaga switches up her look, then this list is a must-have!
  • 5 Famous Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Haircut

    Ladies, let’s remember some of the most iconic hairstyles of all time and take a look at which ones are in style right now!
  • 20 Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Black Women

    Which shoulder length hairstyles are insanely popular right now? Let’s find out!
  • 16 Side-Swept Hairstyles for Black Women

    Why not a a little sizzle to your look with one of these flaterring-for-all, side-wept hairstyles? They're timeless and classy, plus you really can't go wrong with any of them!
  • 8 Stunning Tyra Banks Hairstyles For You!

    Tyra Banks: Tyra not only knows fashion, but she also knows hair. You can channel your inner Tyra by copying those 8 amazing hairstyles!
  • 20 Age-Defying Hairstyles for Black Women Over 40

    Have you heard the great news? 40 is the new 25! Amp up your stylishness with a fun & chic hairstyle fit for a woman who’s at least 40 years young!
  • How to Rock Hairstyles Like a Cover Model!

    It’s very possible to rock hairstyles like a cover model, and we’ll show you how!
  • 20 Stunning Updos For Black Women

    These stunning updos are just what the stylist called for! Learn how to create these amazing styles with little effort.
  • 5 Fabulous Turban Headbands For Every Type of Woman

    In the mood for some flair in your hair? If so, why not just slip on a turban headband and amp up your hotness in a few seconds flat?
  • How To Get Long Hair Like You’ve Always Wanted!

    Many ladies dream of having long and flowing hair, but don't know how to get to that point without patiently waiting for years and constantly chopping off split ends. This guide will show you how to get that long hair you've always wanted!
  • 5 Must-Have African American Hair Products

    Check out our expert picks for the best African American hair products out right now!
  • Our Top 10 Picks For Black Girls With Short Curls

    Check out our collection of the hottest looks for short curls!
  • The Top 3 Sizzling Hot Ciara Hairstyles!

    Ciara hairstyles are the hottest thing to hit any musical stage. Learn the secret to her gorgeous ash blonde, bead-head inspired locks and grab the look that'll make heads turn!
  • 6 Short Funky Hairstyles For Black Women

    These short funky hairstyles will be the talk of the town! Find out how to spruce up your look this season with these funky looks.
  • Wendy Williams Wigs: Steal Her Look For Yourself!

    Looking for a Wendy Williams wig inspired look? Well, look no further! We've got all the details on how this talk show diva gets her wigs to look so good!
  • 10 Stylish Long Wigs For Black Women

    These amazingly stylish long wigs are guaranteed to spice up your look!
  • 5 Fabulous Ways To Style Your Ombre Weave

    Catch up on this season's hottest new look- ombre weave! Take your 'do from boring to multi-dimensional with these super cute ombre weave styles.
  • Nicki Minaj Hair

    How To Get Perfect Nicki Minaj Hair

    If there’s anything more flawless than Nicki Minaj, it’s her natural hair. Let’s see if you can achieve her level of perfection by following this easy step-by-step tutorial!
  • 6 Easy Ways To Instantly Get Beyonce Hair

    Check out the hairstyle of your sweet dreams! Beyonce seems to always have perfect hair. Find out how she does it 24/7
  • 10 Sexy Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

    Bob hairstyles have never looked sexier than they do here! Head on over to our latest post for tips on achieving the hottest trend in hair fashion.
  • 10 Red Hot Hairstyles For Black Women

    This season red is the new black and we'll show you how to pull off the trendiest hues to compliment you complexion so you can knock the socks off their feet!
  • 7 Short Wigs That Will Make You Want One Now

    Allow us to introduce the trendiest, sexiest, and sleekest short wigs you’ll see all year!
  • 5 African American Hairstyles For Special Occasions

    Need a little star-studded inspiration for your next special occasion? We've just listed our top 5 favorite black hairstyles inspired by your favorite celebrities. Check this post out to make sure you don't miss out on wearing that next award winning hairdo!
  • 5 Types of Weave: Which One Suits You Best?

    There are many different types of hair weave: Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian, to name a few. Find out which type suits you the best!
  • Black Women: 5 Easy Ways To Flat Iron Your Hair

    Your flat iron is supposed to make your hair look great, but if you misuse it, your hair may end up dry and brittle. We'll show you how to use this versatile tool the right way to achieve many different styles!
  • 12 New Dazzling Crochet Braid Styles For Black Women

    Looking for some creative ways to rock crochet braids? Then look no further! We're bringing you the old, the new and the lovely when it comes to crochet braid styles.
  • Glam Up Your Hair With These 5 Curly Weaves

    Brace yourself, because this galore of curly hair weaves will have you putting your hairstylist on speed dial!
  • 10 Ways To Learn The Basics Of U-Part Wig Styling

    It’s okay if you’re not feeling the weaves, because there’s a much easier (and way less time-consuming) alternative: the u-part wig! If you want an instant new hairstyle, look no further than this ultimate guide to u-part wig styling!
  • 10 Sexy & Edgy Faux Hawk Ideas For Black Women

    This is for all of our fashionable friends out there who are looking to rock a cute, stylish faux hawk!
  • 15 Stinkin’ Cute Black Kid Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

    Does your child need to update his/her hairstyle? If so, you came to the right place. Check out what we got in store for 2014!
  • The Top 3 Hairstyles Spotted At The 2014 BET Awards

    Get the scoop on some of the best hairstyles spotted at the 2014 BET Awards!
  • Clip On Extensions: 10 Ways to Style Hair Like a Pro!

    Hair extensions are all the rage. However, they still look painfully fake and cheesy sometimes. If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities manage to pull off voluminous, flowing, natural-looking hair with extensions, you’re in luck. This handy guide to styling your hair with clip-on extensions is just what the hairstylist ordered!
  • How To: 4 Easy Ways To Recreate Oprah’s Hair

    Oprah has long been a lady with classic style. Check out these looks for some of her most inspiring contemporary hairstyles.
  • 5 Celebrity Inspired Natural Hair Weave Techniques

    There are many different types of hair weave techniques – some better than others. We did some poking around and found the most effective ways to blend your hair. You would be surprised by some of those methods!
  • 7 Styles: How to Braid African American Hair Like The Pros

    Whether you're a hair expert or novice, you can learn to braid hair with our step by step tutorial!
  • How to Weave Hair the Right Way

    A new hair weave is a great way to update your look. If you can’t visit a hair salon, we have great news for you: you can certainly weave your own hair at home! Here’s how.
  • 7 New Queen Latifah Hair (and Color) Inspirations

    When we hear Queen Latifah's name, 'stylish' comes to mind. That's why we jumped all over the opportunity to learn how to replicate her famous hair and color!
  • 11 Gorgeous Must-Wear African American Hairstyles

    Time to bust out your hair tools, because we got 11 new awesome black hairstyles you can’t miss!
  • The 6 Best Summer Cornrow Styles Ever

    In case you haven't heard, cornrows are back in style. Check out some of the best cornrow styles you could ever rock!
  • 5 Black Hair Products That Will Save Your Day

    You have our word that those black hair products are the best of the best. You will wonder where those products have been your entire life!
  • Sexy-Natural-Half-Updo

    10 Awesome New Black Natural Hairstyles

    These are some natural hairstyles you simply cannot miss this season!
  • Natural-U-Part-Weave-Hairstyle

    15 Weave Styles to Rock Just In Time For This Season

    Get the scoop on the most popular weaves of the season!
  • Cute-Funky-Hairstyle-with-Blonde-Accents

    10 of the Trendiest Black Hairstyles Out There

    Do you need an updated hairstyle for this season? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have a great collection of the newest and hottest funky black hairstyles for you!
  • Side-Braid-Updo-with-Curls

    15 of the Hottest African American Prom Hairstyles Today!

    Have your once-in-a-lifetime experience with a once-in-a-lifetime hairstyle! We bet you'll find your dream black prom hairstyle here!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    16 Beautiful Black Hairstyles For Weddings

    It's that time of year again when wedding bells begin to ring. Show up to the next wedding with an arm around your plus one and your finger on the pulse of the latest black wedding hairstyles by rocking a 'do that is sure to dazzle and impress!
  • ombre queen curls

    17 Amazing Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls

    It's that time of year again when black girls everywhere are looking for the perfect prom look from hair to toe. For a lasting impression that will leave everyone around you amazed, check out these stunning prom hairstyles for black girls!
  • curly sue tight curls cut

    38 Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Black Women

    Short black hairstyles are perfect for ladies who want a look that is chic, fun and fierce. With some added color, and a few curls you'll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!
  • Weave Hairstyles That Turn Up The Heat: 10 Hot Weaves

    Weave hairstyles allow you to remain true to your roots all while exploring various colors, lengths and chemical treatments. So go ahead and add a little spice to your life with a bold and daring weave style!
  • african american hairstyles

    20 African American Hairstyles To Get You Noticed

    Modern, edgy and classic African American hairstyles always stand out in a crowd. Like the perfect accessory, they bring a whole look together. Whether you prefer simple and chic or textured and funky, these styles are sure to get you noticed!