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Hair Bangs

To hair bang or not to hair bang, that is definitely the question. Hair bangs, or fringes to some, can really enhance a hairstyle and soften facial features and this section is chalk full of pictures, advice and tips, and tons of other bang-ing tidbits. So get your hair bangs now.

  • Long Hairstyle with Full Fringe

    20 Hairstyles That’ll Make You Want Long Hair With Bangs

    It's time to mix up that long hair of yours with a gorgeous set of bangs. Let these 20 looks inspire you!
  • Pastel Toned Short Hairstyle with Fringe Side

    20 Hairstyles That Will Make You Want Short Hair With Bangs

    Bangs are a small amount of hair with BIG impact. It's time to consider sassing up your short 'do with a sexy fringe!
  • Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

    30 Completely Fashionable Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

    Whoever said that bangs can't go with bobs was wrong. You can definitely rock bangs with a cute bob haircut! Don’t believe us? Take a look at our collection of 30 staggeringly adorable bob n’ bangs looks!
  • Side Swept Bangs

    For Your Hair Bucket List: 30 Side-Swept Bangs

    No matter what anyone tells you, it’s totally possible for any woman to pull off side-swept bangs. You just have to find the right look for yourself!
  • Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

    15 Medium Hairstyles With Bangs: Our Latest Faves!

    Bangs are so in right now, but sometimes there are way too many styles to choose from, some more modern than others. If your hair is at medium length, check out our collection of the best medium hairstyles with bangs for 2015!
  • 20 Really Stylish Long Haircuts & Hairstyles With Bangs

    Your long hair is cute, but you can always make it even cuter! How? Why, add bangs, of course! Let’s take a look at some of the best bangs that are totally on the radar right now.
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    The Absolute Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

    Which type of bangs would add the most 'bang' to your look? Find out here!
  • Hairstyles with Short Bangs

    Revitalize Your Look With Short Bangs

    Short bangs are a pretty great way to add glam to your look. They seem hard to pull off, but we’re here to help you with that! Not only do we have 11 fantastic ideas for short bangs, but we can also help you find the perfect short bangs for your face shape.
  • Fringe Hairstyles

    15 Fringe Hairstyles: Which One is Perfect For You?

    Whether or not you’re a bangs girl, we’ve got a fringe that will work for you. Come see which one would look best on you!
  • Hairstyles With Long Bangs

    Give Long Bangs a Try: 10 Ideas to Get You Started

    Looking to update your look? Thinking about giving bangs a try? If so, this article is for you! We have 10 super pretty long bangs that are always in style. Take your pick and tell us which one’s your favorite!
  • side bangs

    Fringe Up Your Look: 12 Sexy Hairstyles With Side Bangs

    Fringe up your look! Side bangs and fringes are all the craze right now, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. We are proud to admit that we’re completely obsessed with side bangs and fringes! In fact, we’re so obsessed with them that we spent a good chunk of time gathering up the hottest, sexiest, and edgiest side fringe hairstyles to rock right now.
  • ways to cut and style bangs

    9 Creative Cool Ways To Cut And Style Bangs

    Tired of wearing your bangs the same ‘ol way day after day? Psh, don’t be such a bore! There are a ton of chic options for mixing up your style, and we’ve got the lowdown.
  • Long hair with round framed straight bangs

    Straight Bangs Inspiration

    Straight bangs are super popular, especially among the fashion elite. Come see and find your next inspiration for cutting your bangs.
  • Short red bob hairstyle with wispy bangs

    Light and Wispy Bangs

    Have thinner hair? Frame your face with one of these cute wispy bangs.
  • Asymmetrical haircut with side swept choppy bangs

    Great Ideas for Choppy Bangs

    Chop, chop, chop! Go out with a bang with one of these trendy choppy bang haircuts.
  • Considering Bangs? Here Are The Pros And Cons You Need To Know…

    Making the cut to a trendy set of bangs is a big hairstyle decision. Not sure what to do? We're here to help!
  • Top Celebrity Hair Secret: Clip-On Bangs

    Do you envy your favorite celebrity's ever-changing, gorgeous hairstyles? We have the scoop on celebrity hair secrets you don't want to miss!
  • Bang Trimming 101 From A Pro

    In desperate need of a bang trim and can't make it to the salon? We've got you covered with a few easy trimming tips.
  • To Cut Bangs or Not to Cut Bangs: That is The Question!

    Wondering if you should take the plunge and chop off your bangs? Find out if you're really ready.