Renee Summa


Since before she can remember, Renee Summa has been fascinated by art and design. Her mother said she used to sit on the floor as a toddler and spend hours cutting and pasting paper into different shapes. This must have been a glimpse into the future! Renee graduated from cosmetology school in February of 2003 and has since developed a strong sense of self and craft. As a dedicated life learner, she likes to absorb as much knowledge as possible each day. Dyehard Beauty Studio is her creative space, where she freelances on- and off-site as a hairdresser and airbrush makeup artist. As a core part of reaching out to clients, her HairTipOfTheDay has grown to become a staple each morning and night in over 700 social media friends’ lives. Visit Renee on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.

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