Melva Williams

Melva Williams has been a professional hair stylist for 24 years now. Since 2001 Melva has been the sole proprietor along with husband and business partner Ryan Williams of Something Special Styling Salon located in Irving, TX. They reside in Grand Prairie, TX with their 1 son and 3 grandsons.  Through their business they enjoy being contributors in their community.

Melva Williams is an entrepreneur and mastering her field. She’s a master stylist, field educator, product developer and motivational speaker. She makes a name for herself by being a qualified expert in all aspects of salon business ownership, client relations, and management operations.

She practices continuously and maintains comprehensive understanding of the hair care industry. Melva also has received awards for providing quality hair care and exemplary customer service.

Melva Williams has been featured in several local publications. Such as: Simply Me Magazine, Women Are Game Changers, Perfected Magazine, YoUnique Magazine, DTV Unleashed, and Epitome Magazine. She is now an author with her new book An Educational Guide to Healthy Hair, a step by step guide on how to obtain and maintain a truly healthy head of hair. Her philosophy is mind, body and spirit. Helping women to connect the dots on how their medical issues and their hair issues are related.

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