Blair Everett


Blair Ellen Everett is a Deva-certified stylist at the Berenice Salon in San Francisco, California specializing in treating, cutting. coloring and styling women and men with naturally curly hair. She began her formal advanced training at the International Academy of Precision Haircutting. At the Academy, emphasis was placed not only on technical ability, but also on factors like the shape of the head, texture of the hair, direction of growth, bone structure and the client’s lifestyle.

As her career progressed, she began to expand into different areas of hair artistry in order to create a customized ‘total look’ for each client. Advanced education included the Bumble and Bumble Academy in New York, as well as the Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy in San Francisco. In addition to her dedicating her hair practice to curly hair, Blair also specializes in thermal reconditioning.

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