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  • If split ends are the bane of your existence, then this method will be the best gift you’ll ever receive. We found an easy foolproof way to prevent split ends. Find out what it is here!

  • Flaunt Your New Hairstyle With These Key Beauty Tips

    Reinventing yourself with a new hairstyle? It doesn’t stop there! In the midst of doting over our new 'do, a lot of us forget to adjust our makeup and skin care routines to complement our new style. Whether you just changed your hair or are contemplating a big change, we've got a few beauty tips and products that will help you show off your new 'do in major style!

  • Secrets to Perfect Hair

    Attention, divas: we’re about to make your lives much easier! If you want to make 2015 the year of perfect hair, we’ve got you covered.

  • Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and recoiled in horror at the fact that you actually left the house without styling your hair properly? We all had bad hair when we were younger, simply because we weren’t armed with all the hair styling tips and tricks we learned over the years. If you’re afraid that you’ll cringe at a current picture of yourself in 20 years, don’t fret! We have 18 mind-blowing hair tips that will make the future you very proud!

  • We make aging with grace (at any age!) a little bit easier with these expert tips for graying, thinning and course hair.

  • Gone are the days when you have to drag yourself home after work or school to redo your hair and makeup before a fun night out with your friends, because we have a list of 5 super easy day-to-night hair and makeup styles to master right away!

  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    While bangs are a great way to mix up your look without all the commitment of a major chop, you definitely do need to do your homework before taking the plunge. Peep this handy guide to learn the best bangs for your face shape!

  • Ever wondered why your hairstylist always looks like she stepped out of a hair magazine? Here’s the answer: your hairstylist is armed with many clever styling tricks that might surprise you. Luckily for you, we’re here to spill the beans. Come see what secrets we’ve discovered!

  • Been extra busy at work lately? Trying to grow your hair out? The excuses can really pile up, but here's five surefire signs you really need to make time for the salon.