The 14 Most Effective Secrets to Getting The Dream Hair You’ve Always Wanted

Secrets to Getting The Dream Hair You've Always WantedEver wondered how to get ‘dream hair’? You know, the hair you’ve always wanted? Who doesn’t! We consulted some of our favorite experts on how to get your dream hair started. Here’s the scoop…

1. Great hair starts in the shower. 

To get a perfect, ready-to-style base, use a cleansing conditioner like Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner. It acts like a fishnet, covering hair to protect and moisturize, all while creating a natural escape to wash away dirt and oil, says Herbal Essences’ celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan. Cleansing conditioners leave locks feeling smoother, softer and more manageable, therefore providing the perfect base to begin styling.

2. Even the straightest hair can be curled and styled to give you those movie star strands.

Start with a base product that provides a soft hold while also keeping hair’s natural body and wave. “If you want to blow dry your hair, use a diffuser. Diffusers aren’t just for curly haired girls! They’re designed to keep body, movement and volume in hair, setting a base that will help your style last,” says Strahan. “Follow by curling your hair using a smaller curling iron than what you intend the curl to be. The curls will loosen, giving you that perfect style you’ve been looking for.”

3. When your hair looks so good that you want the style to last for days, use a dry shampoo.

“Not only do dry shampoos absorb excess oil, they can also be used as a styling product to provide texture and lift to make hair look freshly styled and full of body,” says Strahan. Dry shampoo is also a great styling base for more textured styles such as beach waves, braids or ponytails.

4. It’s about the day to day.

Make sure you are choosing a hair color that compliments your skin complexion and a cut and that flatters your face shape.

5. Taking care of your hair at home is essential.

Washing your hair every single day doesn’t allow it to create its natural oils that keep hair stronger and healthier looking, which could lead to bad hair days. Washing your hair every two to three days is recommended to keep your hair in top shape. Also, watch out for your hot tools at home. “If you are a flat iron, wand or curling iron addict (it happens to the best of us!), make sure you are using a heat protector on your hair,” says Krissy Snetsinger, a stylist at Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar and Hair Salon

6. Need a remedy for dull hair?

For a quick, shiny and polished look, use a quarter teaspoon of olive oil in your hair and brush though. “Pull the hair into a sleek pony, knot or braid. If your hair is curly, work through the curl with your fingers,” advises celebrity hair designer Kevin Lee.

“For a natural remedy that will add shine and softness, I recommend applying olive oil on the hair and scalp for a few hours before washing out,” says celebrity hairstylist and salon owner, Julien Farel.

7. Sleeping beauty.

One way to get the hair you’ve always dreamed of is to sleep on a 100% silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases extend the life of your hairstyle, help diminish frizz, reduce hair breakage, and help retain moisture.

8. Using the right styling products is key.

Avoid pomades and gels which are high in shine and can give the appearance of thinner hair. “Instead, opt for products that have a matte finish like a paste, clay, volumizing spray or dry shampoo,” says Diana Schmidtke,” ROGAINE Celebrity Grooming Expert.

9. Treat the scalp and hair gently, especially after a shower. Wet hair has more elasticity, making it more prone to damage.

Always pat hair dry instead of vigorously rubbing it with a towel,” says Schmidtke.

10. When hair starts to thin, choosing the right haircut is more important than ever.

Shorter cuts with blunt lines are great for masking thinning hair,” says Schmidtke.

11. It’s important to remember that the damage didn’t happen overnight, so the repair won’t happen overnight either​.

“Before jumping to conclusions and use of a product just after a couple of days or weeks, I advise my patients to give it some time for the active ingredients to start working and deliver results. Sometimes, it can take months to see a change,” says Dr. Doris Day, ROGAINE Brand Spokesperson and Celebrity Dermatologist.

Trend Tip: The latest trend in hair color this year is bold and vibrant colors. Clairol Color Director James Corbett says the key to maintaining bold new color is prevention and conditioning:

12. Keep your hair covered in the sun.

Wet hair first before swimming and rinse immediately after the pool. You can actually add some water to your sunscreen and use it as a sun protector on hair.

13. Make a yogurt mask.

Yogurt is full of protein and lactic acids that help keep your cuticle closed tight. A yogurt hair mask can produce shiner, healthier, color-preserving follicles!

14. Consider a change.

Sometimes the best way to achieve hair of your dreams is to get brand new hair! Extensions are becoming increasingly common and affordable. In fact, there’s a new salon dedicated specifically to extensions — the first of its kind, aptly named RPZL, opening in New York City this fall!