8 Tricks to Help Combat a Bad Hair Day

Waking up with our hair refusing to behave is a surefire way to ruin even the best-planned of days. The good news is that a bad hair day doesn’t have to happen. Follow these healthy hair tips and you’ll be having a lot more good hair days — and great habits!

8 Tricks to Help Combat a Bad Hair Day

1. Get a good brush.
The wrong brush can tear hair and cause breakage, so opt for a natural boar bristle brush. “They smooth hair without ripping and create amazing shine by distributing the hair’s natural oils evenly from root to tip,” says Nick Penna, Creative Director of Be Styled.

2. Switch things up.
If one part does not look good, spray it with water and redo it. Never keep going over dry hair again and again with your tools or brush. “This will just make it worse. Not re-wetting hair could be the reason most women have bad hair days. They try too hard and then over-dry their hair,” says George Gonzalez, celebrity hairstylist and owner of George the Salon in Chicago.

3. Styling your strands can feel like a waste of time when the finished product isn’t smooth.
Use your blow dryer’s cool shot button to help you avoid frizz. After drying a section, go over it again with cool air. The heat helps shape your hair and the cool seals your style in place!

4. Don’t wash every day. 
Nothing dries your hair out faster than shampooing daily. “Try limiting your blow drys to once every 2-3 days and use a dry shampoo such as L’Oreal EverStyle Texture Series Energizing Dry Shampoo in between to soak up excess oil at the roots,” says Penna.

5. Keep your styling tools clean.
Brushes, combs, flat irons and curling irons all collect product residue over time that can be transferred to your freshly washed hair. Taking the time to clean your tools will help your hair continue to look beautiful!

6. Intensify nutrition. 
When you do wash your hair, however, you should be using a restorative shampoo like Kerastase Bain Nutri-Thermique. “This will intensify nutrition back into your sensitized hair (especially after a long, dry winter!) and leave it soft, silky and vibrant,” says Penna.

7. Have the right tools.
“Invest in a great hairdryer! Until you have used a truly great hair dryer, you are most likely having bad hair days…every day. Look for one that is made of tourmaline, a silicate mineral, that is a natural source of negative ions and electricity. The negative ions counterbalance the positive ions that come with frizz, which is a major culprit when it comes to bad hair days,” says Marta Wohrle from Truth in Aging.

8. Protect from the heat.
Blowdriers, curlers and straighteners all dry your hair out and contribute to breakage. “Use more conditioner in the shower and also spray a heat protectant before using your styling tools to keep your ends from frying,” Penna says.

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